Privacy Policy


For inquiries or comments by e-mail, we offer a contact form. Basically, it is assumed that information sent to the blog can be published. If a something may not be published, this must be explicitly mentioned.

The anonymity of the sender is preserved. A passing of the e-mail address to a third party does not take place, except in the case of the below technical services. The data will be transmitted unencrypted. Otherwise, I guarantee full protection of informants.

For the purpose of developing our website and for reports, data about the user behavior when visiting the blogs is collected (IP addresses, search terms, frequently used pages, usage logs). Usage data is processed in a way that a specific tracking of individual users is not possible.

For technical functioning, this website uses cookies.

Technical Services

This website uses technical services and therefore passes information to the service provider:

  • Twitter (Text Service, USA): IP-Adress and Cookies
  • Google Feedburner (E-Mail-Servce, USA): IP-Adress, given E-Mail-Adress, and Cookies
  • Google Analytics (Analytic software, USA): IP-Adress, and Cookies
  • Mollom (Spam filter, USA): Content of comments and of contact form, IP-Adress, and Cookies
  • Amazon (Books, USA): IP-Adress and Cookies
  • MailChimp (e-Mail Service, USA): IP-Adress, given e-Mail-Adress
  • [Update 2012: Facebook (Social Plattform, USA): IP-Adress and Cookies] Only a simple link
  • [Update 2012: Google +1 (Social Plattform, USA): IP-Adress and Cookies] Only a simple link

The information disclosed will be used according to the guidelines of the service provider and the service providers are responsible for it.

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